3D Laser Scanning Buildings High Definition Surveying

What can we create from a 3D scan?

We can take the processed 3D point cloud data and orientate it to Ordnance Survey grid and datum using GPS or to a local grid.

Features can be queried and annotated for XYZ co-ordinates e.g. ridge height or a road sign location. Dimensions can be taken and annotated at key points e.g. door widths, beam sizes and wall thickness.

We can convert 3D cloud data into well drawn CAD floor plans, elevations and sections in 2D or 3D that you can rely on.

At your request we can produce 3D fly-through movies, Leica truview maps, create surfaces and textures to convert files into full 3D models.

With the data collected using a laser scanner, you have the confidence that your 3D computer model is an accurate representation of every intricate detail of a building or structure.

The data will be analysed, cleaned and filtered by a skilled surveyor with knowledge of building construction and traditional surveying methods as well as 3D laser scanning.

We can save this into the latest AutoCAD compatible format commonly used by architects and consultants.

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An example street scene building elevation captured as part of a laser scan town centre survey. The scan has been cleaned, aligned and exported as an orthometric uncompressed TIFF file image.

Manipulating and querying the scan data using Pointools software

CAD Plans

Ortho images

Movies and orbits